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Starlights Winter Solstice Soul Journey to Avebury - midday 19th-7pm 21st December 2017   

Re-birthing the heart
Starlight is holding space for a 3 day, 2-night sacred winter Solstice Journey £388pp
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Rebirthing the Heart - A Winter Solstice journey to Avebury 

Starlight is honored to be holding space for a sacred journey to the majestical Avebury Henge this winter Solstice. 

This is a journey of coming home to yourself and coming home to the heart of the great mother.
It is a journey of transcendence, one of allowing the healing wheel of the year to complete within our heart and surrendering into the heart-rebirth it has been preparing us for.  It is one of calling all of yourself forward to Rise with the Winter solstice Sun through a ceremonial, alchemical and portal healing pilgrimage.  Guided by white-spirit ancestors and beloved guardians, we will travel through veils of light into new growth. Learning to hear the sacred rhythms of our new path cycles and teaching our heart to beat to those rythems. Upon wave of emotional truth, we will pour the pains of our past paths into the spiral -healing of the earth.

This is a journey of re-charging and re-attuning our heart connection, discovering the deeper meanings of love as you 'become intimate with that which you call divine' as you meet the many truths and passions of your heart you will pass through a golden gateway of this awakening. It is a journey of becoming crystalline and understanding inner grace. It is one of breathing with elementals as you gather in  service to heal the collective heart.  A Journey of the inner-self being ignited with flames of peace and love so that your courage can be resurrected Pheonix-like in the sweetness of your sacred heart. 

Held inside this stone temple, energized by the lay lines underfoot we will explore the inner landscapes of our hearts, let the lands speak to us and spirits guide us. It is a journey of touching our wounds, melting into compassion and harnessing our inner power. Lightwork, Earthwork and Selfwork and shadowwork will spiral through this process for this is a soul journey, a calling, a destiny.  

This journey of dimensional channeling, soul landscaping, sacred ceremony and portal healing will be in flow but will include:

Guardians of Avebury Welcoming Ceremony at the stone of initiation

Rebirthing the Heart Stone Whispering Ceremony  

Sacred Sound ceremony in Long Barrow - so that we become attuned to the master rose quartz crystals of the earth and star nations, becoming more crystalline and embodying more light 

Heart Alchemy Cacao Ceremony - Under the Stars, in the velvet of the night sky we will drink ceremonial cacao and receive a heart Alchemy healing from Merlin

Walking with the WhiteDeer Ceremony - A letting goof the old heart ceremony, as the white deer teaches us to become vulnerable and free

White-Phoenix Heart Transformation - Overlighted by the white phoenix we bring the fires of purification through our hearts

Star attunements in the ancient trees 

11.11 One heart and peace prayer Golden gateway Anchoring - awakening the wisdoms of the ancient kingdoms in our hearts 

Elemental portal activation - Gifting the Human collective heart with more magical and Earth Based connection 

Star attunements in the ancient trees.

winter solstice sunrise ceremony - Welcoming the growing light inside and outside

Accommodation and Travel.
Please note your accommodation and travel are not included, there are plenty of wonderful bnb's in Avebury but try to book somewhere not too far from Avebury itself (Marlborough, Calne etc are good options) Travel to and From Avebury is possible by public transport or, if people are coming in groups from the same place we do encourage carpooling, please post on the event page (coming soon)if you can offer or need a lift 

The journey begins on 19th December at 12.00pm meeting at Red Lion and finishes at 19.00pm on 21st December.

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