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'Because Life is the most spiritual thing you can do'


Starlight Meditation runs several courses throughout the year- We started running courses because we realised that taking the work that you do in ceremony into your every day life creates huge change and positive transformation and it does so quickly. It is easy to be connected, at peace and your best self in sacred space, it is not so easy to live it in your everyday life. The courses are an opportunity to take the work home and make it a daily practise doing work both on your own and in weekly workshops or webinars depending on which course you choose. They are truly magical adventures because we are held in the energy of the course. I will never forgot the first week of the course in connection that was focused on the heart! Everyone was seeing hearts EVERYWHERE. 
Some of the courses we offer are held in the UK and consist of several live work shops and emails meditations etc to do at home at your own pace, for people overseas or people who cannot get to the live workshops we have created online courses that allow the live workshops to be replaced with Webinars (please see our online section for more information on upcoming online courses)
All of the courses have online support like group sharing pages, question and answer sessions, regular emails and downloadable channelling and meditations all exclusive to the specific course. 


Starlight Meditation runs regular day and weekend workshops in the UK- covering all sorts of topics from self work to Light work
The workshops use a combination of meditation, energy body clearings and  activations, channeled guidance, sound healing, sacred oils, shamanic journeying and ceremony. These workshops are safe spaces for truth, healing transcendence, discovery and expansion. They are golden opportunities to travel deep into your consciousness and librate yourself from limitations. The workshops are always guided and supported by many guides so there is always a sense of being held and cocooned in compassion, love, light and magic. 
Most of the workshops take place in either London or Brighton. The workshops that take place in Brighton are usually held in our beautiful Brighton home which has a very powerful portal for healing work. It is also right by the sea so easy it is nice and easy to reach the shore for ceremonies outside too :) 
Workshops are always timed to fit in with trains and people that are traveling from further a field. 
To find out about what workshops we have coming up please visit the ‘Workshops' page. We tend to have a limit of 10 people on our workshops so please sign up early if anything takes your fancy.


Ceremony. When we've lost that, we've lost everything, and are only wandering in the dark, like chickens or lambs waiting for eagles.• Rick Bass, The Sky, the Stars, the Wilderness

Starlight Meditation holds regular ceremonies in London and Brighton- some are outside (weather permitting0 and others held indoors they tend to last 2-3 hours and are often held in the evenings.
Ceremony is one of the most powerful and beautiful ways to release, honour and heal. In ceremony everything is sacred it is the act of making something meaningful this is why ceremonial work is so powerful. Ceremony is also in our blood, to sit in ceremony is to sit with our ancestors, to sit inside the cycles of every time on earth. Ceremony is always personal, shared and profound. Every ceremony is unique depending on who is there because it is always about the people and what they bring. 
Ceremony is about honouring nature and aligning yourself with her cycles. It is is about releasing and receiving. It is about honouring your own healing. it is also about remembering. The elders of our world do not call this a time of ascension they call it the Great Remembering. we are remembering how to listen, how to love,how to honour and how to be guardians of Gaia. We are remembering ancient wisdom through the the power of ceremony. 
Starlight ceremonies are channelled and in flow which makes them informal and spirited. We use many wonderful tools and ideas from many shamanic traditions and religions. Starlight is a pick and mix spirituality because there are not rules, there is only the truth that resonates in your own heart. 
Starlight Ceremonies include: Roof-top Fire Ceremonies, Medicine Wheel Circles, Goddess Circles, 
Cacao Healing Circles, Moon Ceremonies, Evenings with the star-beings, light work ceremonies and peace circles. 
To find out about the next ceremonies we have please visit our ceremony section.