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The September Equinox Sacred Rooftop Fire Ceremony- 22nd september 2017 (7.00-9.00pm)
Brighton, BN2 1TT, SOLD OUT

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Starlight is holding space for a Sacred Roof-top fire Ceremony -the ceremony uses channeling, meditation, journey, essential oils and sound to liberate the past, energise the future, raise our vibrations and learn to fall more deeply in love with who we are. 

A Fire ceremony is a sacred ancient way of healing the mind, body and soul. In ceremony with the deepest parts of ourselves we release all that is no longer of service to us. Honouring the Dance of transformation that flickers fire-like in our own consciousness. 

In circle with our tribe, we remember the old ways of our ancestors and open our hearts to learning the way of the stars. We shift through the divine and magical experience of ceremony. Fire-circles brings you back into rhythm with Nature and give you the chance to hear and know what you need for your soul evolution. Together we release with the setting sun so we can awaken more of who we truly are. In circle grandfather fire shows us how to become the fire keepers of our spirit-dreams. 

This is an Autumn Equinox fire ceremony, this deep healing journey is about bringing balance into your heart and life and honouring the time when day and night is perfectly balanced. 
This Equinox is incredibly powerful we will be guided to assist in anchoring new energies and one heart consciousness. In this flood of ancient and new light we remember the harmony of your truth. Ignite our passions with flow and celebrate the harvests of Summer. 
It is a ceremony that is flooded with the golden light of gratitude and will up lift us into the new awakening vibrations of Aumtumn. 
This colourful journey is about embracing change, freedom, love and peace within ourselves. The ceremony will be flow. The cost is £15pp

*Please note all payments are non refundable/transferable