Sacred Frankincense Medicine Ceremony -
First Full moon of the Year
02nd January 2018 6pm-9pm SoLD OUT

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Starlight Is holding space for a space for a Sacred Frankincense Medicine Ceremony to welcome the first full moon of the year... 

Frankincense is a Grand-Unity medicine, that is deeply cleansing for your energy body and promotes health and healing in your physical body. This sacred plant has been used in ceremony for centuries because it alines the Heart chakra and the Third Eye chakra, gently opening you up to a surrendered communion with Self, Source and the Earth.
When used ceremonially the spirit of Frankincense can help us to connect multi-dimensionally and travel to the ancient landscapes our souls for guidance and healing.  Like all grandparent energies, Frankincense guides you into a state of releasing, so that old blocks and emotions can be let go of. This golden resin is a keeper of prayers from the ancient worlds and therefore hugely powerful for timeline and past life healing. Since it is a  plant teacher for connection, it is similar to Cacao, in that it very gently opens up your chakras, guiding you without forcing you into a more connected-state. Ultimately the plant empowers you to open up, surrender and travel into a more source-self state, where you will healing and uncover what you need to know about your sacred path.  

The Ceremony will include:

Frankincense smoke and sound healing- to cleanse your energy body.

Frankincense Drink Ceremony - after drinking you will be taken on a channeled soul landscaping journey to connect more fully to yourself and the universe. 

Crystal Grid healing - The ceremony will be taking place inside a crystalline portal, to assist the release of old time-line blocks and emotions so that you can send more fully into who you are truly are.

This sacred and beautiful ceremony will use channeled g guidance, journeying meditation, sound healing and crystals to support the fullness of your experience.  It is a ceremony it is about expanding into great connection and integrity so that you can live in more reverence with yourself and live. It will gift you with path insights and support core releasing so that you can feel more bliss and glow with more truth.