Healing the mother wound-A sacred journey to Glastonbury-2 spots left

Starlight is holding space for a 3 day, 2 night sacred, women’s soul journey to Glastonbury.14th-16 August £333 
Through a series of channeled ceremonies we will be unravelling the pain, stories and expressions of the mother wound from our lives and vibrations. 
This summer the mother wound is being raised and healed from our collective consciousness, 
The mother wound is one of the key blocks to our flow, connection and abundance because we receive first from our mothers. 
Held within the energy of the August Eclipse Window, in multi-dimensional alinement with the stars, wrapped in the magical flow of Avalon we will be unwinding the pain of the past and purging out the limitations that the wounds have created. 

Upon the flow of goddess love we will be letting go of the blocks that are in the ways of our feminine alinement and our soulful purpose. 

This journey is an intimate uncovering of the mysteries of self, guided by the land and magic of Glastonbury. 
Nearly all of the ceremonies will be taking place outside, within the energy shrines and nature temples of Glastonbury - the heart chakra of the world.
It is here within this Mumma-earth heart love that we can surrender and learn to receive mother love, abundance, connection and ourselves more fully. 

It is a journey of creation circles, finding deep connection, sacred earth rhythms, alchemy, transformation and ascension. In the flow our light work, earth work and self work become one and we step into the new and ancient wisdoms of feminine existence.​
​​This journey will be in flow but we have been guided to include ​​​

Entering Avalon Ceremony - our opening ceremony will be taking place at Gog and Magog, the ancient guardian trees of Avalon, here we will heal, tree whisper and aline with our most sacred intentions

Chalice Well Inner queen ceremony - During a private access ceremony at the beautiful chalice well, we will be exploring the Queen Archetype and how to welcome her into our lives. 

Gaia Wound Healing - An earthing and emoting into mothers love, healing the hidden parts of ourselves and learning to receive.

Star whispering - Receiving re-attunement from the stars, lying opened hearted to the earth we will receive wisdom from the guardian mother dragons of Glastonbury

Portal opening on the Tor - this sacred, crystalline light-healing for the collective is multi-dimensional journey, spinning the ank of life into the awakening feminine story 

White spring private Ceremony - I have been guided that each women will be connecting to spirit-animal on this journey, this animal is teach them more about themselves, the embodiment of these lessons will come from a bathing sound ceremony in a waters of the white spring.

Fairy Circle - Our journey will end in a flurry of magic, joy manifesting and laughter and we connect with and receive lessons from the Elementals. 
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“For she is being birthed
Inside-out: opening the petals
that are enfolded
Revealing the dimensions for all to see
My mother is blinding beautiful 
Light pours from her heart
and I carry this flow
into form” 

Val Yong’s beautiful dragon poetry that so beautifully describes this healing

​The cost of the Journey is £333 per goddess and includes all entrance fees to all sacred sites and all private ceremonies and circles that we will be doing 

Accomodation and Travel.
We have reserved some accommodation in Glastonbury as it tends to go quite quickly in the summer so please contact us either via FB or at starlightmeditation@gmail.com if you would also like to reserve some accommodation with us. Accommodation is £40pppn and includes a good breakfast. We encourage car pooling in order to get to and from Glastonbury but once we are there everything we do is reachable by foot - unless you choose to stay out of Glastonbury.

The journey begins on 14th August at 12.00pm meeting at Glastonbury Town Hall and finishes at 19.00pm on 16th August.
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Please Note all Deposits are non refundable/non transferable

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