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'Because Life is the most spiritual thing you can do'

A starlight Soul Journey to Malta 

A sacred journey to Malta and Gozo 03rd-10th October 2017
This Starlight Soul journey to Malta is multi dimensional pilgrimage into your own light Legacy. For those who are called, the light work, earth work, collective work will be laced through your own intermit healing with yourself and your path. It is a journey of empowerment and connection. The mysteries of the island will unravel and we unravel ourselves…Through intuitive communication with spirit, nature speak and sacred stone whispering we will liberate ourselves from the past. ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

It is one of healing the raw and ancient wounds of the feminine and the priestis (unity beings) 
It is one of spiralling in the energy of the fertility goddesses and coming into an abundance of wealth and knowledge. It is a journey of learning to receive fully… a journey of breaking the sacred waters of self - coming into new flow through a process of 
Sexual healing, time-line healing and goddess womb ceremony. 

Working with cocoa, sacred sound song, soul landscaping and channeled guidance, the past will be purified. All of the ceremonies will take place outside in the wild beautiful landscapes, out at sea, inside energetic portal-temples and in ancient sacred stone-sites of Malta. 
You will re-harmonize your mother wounds and receive a ritual to become daughters of the guardian goddesses of Malta. You will be held in a flow of moon alchemy and ancient Goddess light as you contact to the grand star and bring healing to the Crystal and Ascension grids of Gaia. Together you will reactivate the ancient grid moon portal, that has been waiting for this divine time.​
It is a journey to the Moon temples of Atlantis. It is a journey of awakening your DNA through lightening initiations a birthing of your priest priestess and prieti selfs through the memories of ancient ritual as you heal upon waves of light, waves of water, waves of emotion… coming into more wholesome heart connection with Gaia. 
Malta was a Mecca of Atlantis, the place of pilgrimage for cycles to end and be born… in this year of old and new cycle healing. This journey is an ultimate blessing of both which is needed for total embodiment of your new path cycle. There will be a Re-coding of our light bodies through star attunements as we sit in ceremony inside the sacred alinement grid that is held upon Malta. This grid is a temple of realignment representative of our Gaia portal chakras. Working through the circles of time that are held within your DNA will create space needed for the receiving of the Atlantis Scriptures that are recorded within crystals buried the soils Malta. 
It is a journey reflection 
of unraveling manifestation 
and sacred realignment of time 
Healing the mother wound 
Re-wombing, rebirthing re-creating one of ancient magic
It a about learning to fully receive 
receiving knowledge of the earth, knowledge of the stars knowledge of the heart
It is a journey of swirling or spiralling of divine timing 
It is a journey of water and light and alchemy and clear vision 
and tantric reenforcement
It is a ceremonial recalling into who you truly are 
It is a journey of LOVE 

Accomodation/transport and logistics

We will be staying in a converted 300 year old farmhouse on the sacred island of Gozo- breakfast and  transport on island are included-please note we can offer pick-ups from Gozo Harbour to our Villa but please be resposible for getting yourself from Malta airport to Gozo (ferry approx £4) on the final day (10th October) we can take you all the way back to the airport we encourage you to book a latish flight back on the 10th as we will be using that day for ceremony and spiritual 'work'

Please Note all Deposits are non refundable/non transferable

Please note flights lunch and dinner are not included we reccomend you try for cheap flights to and from Malta...our reccomendation would be to arrive in the afternoon or early evening of the 03rd October and to leave after 7pm on the evening of the 10th October- if you have any queries or questions please dont hesitate to contact us at
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