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'Because Life is the most spiritual thing you can do'

Online Courses... 
Online courses are ideal for over-seas customers or people who cannot be there in person all dates shown in the descriptions* are only dates of when they are being recorded as a 'live' show etc if you cannot listen in on these dates please do not worry as they are recorded and sent to you for you to listen whenever and whereever you want and have no expiry on them.


​A five day course consisting of emails, meditations and ceremonies and a webinar


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Is been an amazing course...could feel the feminine power connecting and working together..lots of shifting and unblocking been like a pure golden shower on me washing away some bad thinking and obstacles, and moisturizing my body and mind with peace and more awareness..katy guidence was just so powerful and magic...and the pearl of all that was the teaching of learning in being patience...thanks for peace and flowers to all...strongly recommend this courses especially for who cannot make any live...magic just happens
Roxsun, italy 2016

Mary Magdalene’s story is our story .... for her’s the story of the  suppression and now the rising of divine feminine empowerment. This year Mary Magdalene was recognised as an equal and the Magdalene aspect within ourselves is hearing this call. She knows it is time to come out of hiding, to shed the concepts of the past that no longer fit being a women. She knows it is time to remember the way of divine feminine power, to liberate her worthy, wild, strong sexual, sacred connection to the Universe. She is willing us unshackle from  the past and dance into our own Shakti

Over this 5 day online course which ends on Mary Magdalene’s feast day: 

We be attuning the Rose Golden energy of Mary Magdalene
Exploring this archetype to discover what she awakens within us 
Healing the part with Energetic Alchemy 
Hearing the  whispers of the goddess in our hearts. 

​Each day you will be sent an email with channelled meditations, personal ceremony and guidance.
On Wednesday the 20th there will be a live webinar call that will be sent as a reply for those that cannot make it. There will be an online sharing space to support each our and share in the unfolding magic of this journey 

This is a journey of sacred and personal union with yourself. One of letting go of the past and shining more of yourself into the future. ​

It is over lighted by  Goddess Mary Magdalene

Feedback from pervious online courses by Starlight Meditation: 

I have found both the healing your consciousness course and living from your heart course very deeply healing. It's great to have all the information in the emails, and being able to download the meditations gives you the opportunity to work through them at your own pace and repeat them as well later which I have found really helpful.

'The healing your consciousness course has really helped me with issues of self love and empowerment. It was great to go through all the chakras one by one as it for me it highlighted areas i needed to work on that I wouldn't have otherwise realised. The workshops, meditations and angel healings are amazing for healing deep emotions. The facebook group is a really useful way of sharing experiences as well.

'I've really enjoyed the heart course :). As well as being a powerful healing journey, there are so many lovely meditations and inspiring ideas for connecting to and opening your heart. Again it's great to have the meditations to download and listen to later “ TRACY 


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"I can thoroughly recommend the Mary Magdalena course. It got right inside ( literally) and released and renewed. Found a new source of energy I'd effectively locked up. Well she's out now. So often the person we most need is ourself, the complete version 🌟🌹thank you so much Katy."
Georgia, 2016

A Course in Channeling and Connection 2016

Learn to Channel Spirit  as you Evolve,Expand and Explore your unique gifts of Connection. 
Seela-ra Ajna-ra (Katy Starlight) is holding space for this truly magical and empowering course on connection and channeling. This is a wonderful opportunity to develop your intuition, learn to  channel your spirit guides and raise your vibration. It is a journey of opening to your gifts of connection, instinct, awareness and channeling. It is a hugely powerful foundation for living a life of flow and using your gifts of connection in your life and work. It gives you the freedom of knowing what is right for you in every area of your life and learning how to truly live the dance of that flow, this is also an ideal course for anyone wanting to use or introduce Channelling into their spiritual work and become a professional channel or teacher themselves.
Channeling is one of the best things anyone can learn to do, it is a birth right and will it vastly deepen your spiritual, practise and transform your path. It is at the heart of my work and my life and soul is in this course. 
The course is channelled and each year flows with synchronistic and divine understanding about what is best for the individuals who are doing it. It is focused on empowering your ability to connect to yourself and spirit in a truly joyful way. It nourishes so many gifts of connection in each person  and will really shifts the way you experience life.... No matter what past experience you have this course will help you to have deeper heart based connection to the Universe and your path. 
The course uses meditation, light attunements, third eye awakening tools,  light code activations, DNA Ascension techniques and channeled guidance to bring you into the optimum connection vibration. These wonderful techniques will be channelled from the  Star-Beings  the course. There will also be transmissions from Isis, Skehmet, The fairies and Shiva. Each guide brings a bright delightful  light to teach us to expand our consciousness and connect.
The course is over lighted by Mary Magdalene her beautiful flowing energy and messages will be healing us and supporting us on this Journey of the Divine Self…. her energy...   is one that can unlock your dharma and help you to transcend your limited belief systems with Alchemy. It helps you to be gracefully empowered. It helps you to unite with who you truly are and be brave in shining your light into the world. 
This course is a journey because channeling well can only come from practise. Between the live workshops there will be daily emails with homework, messages and exercises/meditations to assist you in staying the in flow and give you a chance to explore these gifts each day, applying the tools you learn to your life. There is a private online sharing space for you to discuss the homework and get support in between sessions.  Every workshop will be recorded so if you can't make it in person to can still do the course.

HEART- Learn to listen to the infinite passions of your heart - which is the key that unlocks YOUR connection to everything. The more you follow your heart the more the Universe will speak to you….you being to live synchronistically - which is mind-blowing, magical and filled with miracles.
HIGHER-SELF- Learn to listen to infinite love of your higher self and consciousness. Working with the Angelic consciousness (higher-self)  and the Animal Consciousness (instinct) we learn knowingness, deepen the trust and respect we have for ourselves and become Master decision makers. 
ENERGY- Learn to listen to the infinite expressions of energy. Exploring the 5 senses of the third eye, discover your first energetic language. Learn to experience auras, read energy and work vibrationally. Energy is everything.
SPIRIT GUIDES - Learn to listen to the infinite wisdom of your spirit guides. Spirit guides are friends with benefits!  Beyond your dimension benefits...Haha, not only are they ever so joyful, funny and uplifting but they impart wisdom from a bigger picture understanding. They teach you, guide you, hold space for you, send healing to you. They will always answer you. Your spirit guides share wisdom from kingdoms, worlds and lifetimes - it’s amazing. 
FLOW - This last session is an integration of all that we have learnt. It is about helping you find your own unique dance between your gifts of connection. It teaches you to flow and spiral through answers and focuses on how to use spiritual discernment of which technique to use when. It is about allowing that which you have unlocked on the course to blossom and flourish into the future. 
Connection is an ever expanding journey  and this course is for everyone, no matter what experience and understanding you have if you feel called you are meant to do it. For those of you who work in creative and spiritual fields being able to channel will directly help your work and those of you who want to discover your path or bring more inner connection and integrity to your life path is will assist indirectly. Ultimately this course is to help you evolve, expand and explore your on unique and sacred connection with the Universe.
My belief is that learning to be connected, is so important at this time. I believe that connection is not only the key to empowerment and change on the planet but it is also the only way we will be able to live in harmony wight he Planet. Connected living is the Old way, the shamanic way…..Listening is the way of the Guardian, the way of the Light Warrior, the way home. 
This course is Supported by Mary Magdalene,  Goddess Isis, Lord Shiva, Goddess Sekhmet,The Pleiadians,  The Arcturians, The Sirians, The Andromedans, the Fairies, the Angels and Gaia. 

There are several packages we offer for this course for anyone who wants to do it in person or online.
Last year several people did the course completely online they were as successful as those who attended the live classes because they received the recordings of the classes and where held in the energy of the course. For anyone live or online who wants to receive one to one support there is the option of have one to one Skype sessions that support the course and give you individual guidance as well. One of the most important parts of the course is the energy-body shifts that happen because you are held inside the energy of the course and Seela-ra’s higher-self energy. Seela-ra has an aspect of herself on every dimension meaning  she can help you to connect to any guide that is in the highest good. Her energy will be acting as a  portal for  your connection, ascension, protection and empowerment during the course. 
The Course is Strictly limited to 15 spaces. A 50% Deposit is required to hold your space please use the corresponding buttons below to pay your deposit, the rest of the balance must be paid before the 12th September 2016. If you want to work out a payment plan or pay in installments please email or contact us using the contacts page here with your request.

Package 3 online with Skype sessions)-Ideal and reccomended for those wishing to go on and Channel as part of their spiritual career and teach channeling themselves

5 full recordings of the live 3 hr workshops held in London
Daily emails with homework, exercises and meditations for duration of course
Online share space for support and discussion throughout the journey (and after)
Plus 5 one to one 1hr Skype sessions with Katy during the course giving you support guidance teachings and full one to one attention about the art of Channelling.

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