Rise Of The Divine -a 6 week online course £555

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The Divine Feminine is calling to her priestesses, as she rises opened armed. She is ready to dance naked-for the stories that she has worn no longer fit.
Her womb is swelling with her ancient power that she is now remembering.  She walks through temples of the land , summoning more of herself with every step. She walks beyond the ruins of archetypes which crumble in the heat of who she can be. Her cycle is the Moon, her sacred blood is Lava, her eyes sparkle with the stars for she is the Earth and her call is to you, she says: 
“ My priestess, it is time for you to remember to, for your womb to swell with wild power, it is time to live by sacred rituals, it is time for you to journey through the aspects of the Goddess - known and unknown, light and shadow until  all the myths have crumbled. Then you to can dance naked with your truth - shining for all to see. It is time to cycle with the moon through the sacred spiral points of the womb  and  it is time to rise open armed into your divinity — into all that you can be” 
This online course is a raw, wild, sensual and intimate revolution of the  feminine-self. 
It is a 6 week Luna journey through the 6 aspects of the Feminine, exploring the light and shadow, the myths and truths of these aspects so that we can discover how they are expressed within our lives and liberate ourselves from that which no longer serves us. 
This journey uses Goddess Energy healing, soul landscaping, and dimensional channeling to take you to the core of your divine feminine story and help you release, heal, ignite, and emerge into more of your destiny. 
In the arms of many goddesses we will journey with the five aspects of our goddess selves to  create flow and transformation in our lives. There is will be shadow, womb and yoni healing as this journey is about breaking through collective persecution of the feminine archetypes and  letting go of the past  to discover wisdom of our wombs and beauty of ourselves.  
The Course will Include:
Initation webinar - to introduce you to the energetic journey of the course

Twice a week  for 6 weeks  you will recieve soul ladnscaping  webinars-
These 12 webinars will be a soul landscaping journey through the light and shadow, truths and myths of the 5 Aspects of the Goddess: 
Maiden- Maiden-discover the freedom and inner beauty of your maiden heart
Mother - discover the abundance of your breasts and vastness of the mother self 
Grandmother - Find the ancient  portal wisdom  of your womb 
Magdalena - liberate your sexual stories and find the tantric truths of your yoni 
Midnight Priestess - Remember your power as you unlock your third eye
The Warrior- 
Every week you will also receive a weekly Goddess message from a different goddess and channeled meditation.
Every week you will receive a sacred - Goddess Ceremony to help you to journey deeper with your self. 
You will also receive a Women's New Moon Ritual 
A sacred blood Inner Priestess ceremony 
There will be an online sacred private space for sharing and support. 
For the duration of the course you will be held with in the over-lighting energy of the course. Much of the healing work happens on an energetic and soul level as you experience the magic of circle synchornicity. 
Integration Webinar - the final webinar of the course will be a powerful ceremony to help you integrate into your lives and paths. 
This is a Starlight yin journey of Unfoldment and Listening. When we hear the truth of who we are we unleash the grace and power of the divine within and  embody our inner goddess. 
This course is open to women only and is priced at £555.

If you wish to pay in instalments please get in touch with us at starlightmeditation@gmail.com and we can create an invoice based payment scheme that suits you.

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