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'Because Life is the most spiritual thing you can do'

The Sacred Womb A women-only workshop-​
22nd October 2017 10.30am-6pm Neals Yard Meeting Rooms Covent Garden EB£99  rising to £144 if paid after 13th October 2017

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The womb is sacred space, it is the entrance place of life, through which you can connect to the ancient and forgotten parts of yourself. By communing and communicating with your womb in divine ceremony you re-connect to your truth and your path… Letting you womb be your guide will reveal and release the patterns and emotions that are blocking your life.  Through a series of channeled ceremonies, this workshop will take you on a soul landscaping journey of surrender, insight, transformation, and breakthroughs. 

The ceremonies will be taking place by candle-light

This beautiful channeled workshop is an amazing chance for women to reconnect to their center. In this time of the Divine feminine rising much is our wombs a stirring with what is ready to be healed for our personal women’s journey -together we will heal and release trauma from the past and let the divine speak to our womb-an-space. 
This is a journey that uses meditation, channeling, sound healing and crystals to explore and transcend the stories of the womb; it is a circle of unfolding into your Goddess Self.

The day will be in flow but will include: 

A 5 Elements Womb Clearing 
Letting Go Grief- Alchemy Ceremony 
A Cacao Freedom Circle 
An Illuminating the Shadows Healing 
A Dharma Activation 
A Goddess Blessing 
This Healing Journey will be done inside a Crystal Mandala Grid. 
There will be lots of channeling, meditation, talking, sharing and sounding.
This tantric sacred sisterhood journey is supported by  Isis, Yemanya, Mary Magdalene, Coventina, Brigit, Kali,  Diana, Nemetona, Rhiannon, Gaia, Pele, The Wolf Mother, and Sekhmet. 

See-el-ara will channel messages and healing from the goddess and the star beings, in this love filled, flowing opportunity to transcend all pain, suffering, and suppression of the womb, which is the cave of creation and the source of life. 

The cost of this workshop is £99 rising to £144 if paid later than the 12th October.
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Feedback from 2016 Previous Womb Workshops...

Starlight has been running Womb Workshops for the past year all over the UK they are extremeley popular and always scared strong and emmersive journeys into the heart of the Devine Feminine 
"Dear Katy thank-you so much for an amazing and transformational day! Both Martine and I were so blown away by the day and everything you did to facilitate such profound healing:)”
"I attended Katy starlights womb workshop in August 2016 and it was so inspiring and empowering to be a part of. She is a wonderfully open channel with the most beautiful heart, and the space created was so healing and releasing. I felt the presence of Mary Magdalene and I was guided so kindly and lovingly to release all that did not serve me. I was inspired as a healer to also fulfil my dreams and ground myself into my body more and on the earth....The whole experience was full of magic .” Katherine 
"All of my life's goals and obstacles made total sense after that day. It was as though I could see my life through the smaller end of a telescope and everything became clearer. I can't thank Katy enough for guiding me through one of my most difficult times and bringing me out of the other side feeling like I'm ready to take on anything and that the world is so full of love...I feel ready for anything” 
Want to know more?
Here is a webinar Starlight did on Womb Wisdom earlier this year click on the video to hear it in full :)

Please note all payments are non-refundable/transferrable