Sacred Magdalena Three Day Summer Avebury Journey
-August 15th-17th 2018  
  EB£333pp rising to £399pp if paid after July 2nd  

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Starlights 3 day journey to Avebury ...

“This is a journey of blossoming out of old wounds, reclaiming divine boundaries, being washed from inside to out with the most ancient of medicines, it is a journey, of singing, dreaming, aligning, midwifing, birthing and initiating through a series of sacred ceremonies. One of calling forth your inner priestesshood as you commune with ancient mothers and grandmothers of nature, receiving from the primordial mothers all that you need to ignite your wombs with wild power and learn to hold that power in the grace and peace of your truth.  Its a journey of the Magdelene - self-meeting the great grandmothers of the stones and landscape, so that the Magdelene can receive the medicines of the ancient feminine that she needs to receive rise into spiritual sovereignty. It's a journey of the Rising Rose” 

This Starlight Soul Journey to Avebury is overlighted by Goddess Mary Magdalene, it is a pilgrimage of making the raw feminine Sacred -through a series of channeled ceremonies we will be blessing the wounds of the past until they open as portals of ascension light. 

The ceremonies will include channeling, dimensional channeling, portal healing, sound and Presti music healing, song, energetic and gentle plant tea medicine, and timeline restoration. The light-work, self-work, and earthwork will weave together - as we heal ourselves as we heal the earth -we will be a tribe of women in  tribe- communion with the Earth, Stars, and Spirit. Held within the synchronicity,  alignment, flows and secrets of this Sacred Soul Place we will be carried through this mystical metamorphosis process, transcending the past, reactivating the ancient priestess temple codes, remembering and receiving with our grandmothers and re-wombing the dreams of Gaia. 

It is a journey of inner strength, co-creative empowerment, beauty, and magic...

This Journey will be in flow but will include

Initiation of the Rose In the Avebury Stone Circle 
A Magdalene wound healing in Long Barrow 
Stone-Song Womb Healing  
Sacred Cobra Labyrinth Ceremony 
A Primordial Portal Healing 
Chilli Cacao Medicine In the Moon Circle 
Rosemary Tea Medicine
Frankincense and Rose Tea Medicine
Star-Crystal Stream alinement dreaming under the stars
The Activation of the 3 flame Rose 

All ceremonies will be taking place outside amongst the sacred sites and inside the nature temples of Avebury and the Surrounding Landscapes. 

Accommodation and Travel.
Please note your accommodation and travel are not included, there are plenty of wonderful bnb's in Avebury but try to book somewhere not too far from Avebury itself (Marlborough, Calne etc are good options) Travel to and From Avebury is possible by public transport or, if people are coming in groups from the same place we do encourage carpooling, please post on the event page (coming soon)if you can offer or need a lift 

The journey begins on 15th August at 12.00pm meeting at Red Lion and finishes at 19.00pm on 17th August EB £333pp

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