Becoming Overflow -A Chakra Alchemy Online Healing For the Eclipse Window 
  An online live journey January 13th-22nd 2019 

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Starlight is so excited to be holding space for a 5d Chakra healing and re-manifesting journey into Divine Overflow.

It is a calling in of Ease, path realignment, and abundance. Using Temple Alchemy, Activations, Nature Essence Energy Medicine and channeling to totally upgrade of the way each of us manifests at our core, it feels like the perfect start to a year that is all about sacred path action. The chakras are wheels of conscious energy and this Eclipse gateway is an ascension opportunity for these wheels of consciousness to become more crystalline. This profound and beautiful channeled healing journey is overlighted by Goddess Isis, the Angels of Abundance and Goddess Gaia. It will be taking place in the last 9 crescendoing days of the first Eclipse window of the year:

Here is the message from Goddess Isis about this journey:

“The Eclipse Window holds the potential for Crystalining the Central Chakric Centre and for those that are called is a gateway opportunity to begin to live more from a place of overflow. Imagine, what your love, your life, the creative potential within you and your divine purpose could do if you manifested from overflow, rather than lack? If you lived from a place of overflow, which is nature’s way. Imagine if these great potential energies could move through the consciousness of overflow to co-create your life. In order for this Overflow way to be embodied the central chaotic system needs to be upgraded. The old consciousness of Lack, the old vibrational frequencies that make up the manifested reality that is projected from your chakras needs to be recycled into new frequencies, into new crystalline vibrations, the crystalline frequencies hold space for far greater potential and far greater forces of creation than the old carbon frequencies and it is through allowing the central Chakric body to become less carbon and more crystalline that you will be able to embody the rhythms, expansions and creational forces of overflow. This Eclipse window is a gateway opportunity for this healing to happen, personally and collectively. The Temple Alchemy will recycle the old belief system blocks frequencies and emotions of your chakric carbon reality, the Nature essence medicines will allow the chakra to reintegrate and stabilize as they are recycled into Crystalline constitutions. This is a journey of deep release and total healing of what you have known so that in the Crystalline Eclipse window you can explore and express what it means to come from Over-flow, what it means to become Overflow. This sacred opportunity to be held, healed and surrendered into a process of evolution that is happening to mother Gaia through your chaotic system will essentially gift you with more of your potential reality, more of your freedom and more fluidity with your divine purpose. It is a way into the abundance of nature that is yours to claim. It is a manifesting healing journey, where the healing and manifesting happen as one - this is the 5D way. It is is a sacred and beautiful awakening through the Crystalline Gateway”

The Becoming overflow journey will include:

A Dreaming into Over Flow Initiation Webinar

A Tuning in Vlog - to align the course with your personal desires, dreams, and intentions

7 Chakra Alchemy healings- that focus on releasing the blocks to living from a place of overflow held in each chakric layers consciousness

7 Nature Essence energy medicines - during the Alchemy Healings the Nature essence energy will be infused with your chakras to assist the crystalline integration

A manifesting from Overflow Activation Webinar on the Luna Eclipse


A Sacred Sharing circle space - an online group to be witnessed, supported and guided through your healing process.

This journey is a live online journey all of it will be channeled and created around the people that are called to it. All of the healings, vlogs, and webinars will be available to join live or as a recording that you can do in your own time for the duration of the process you will be held in the Alchemical, Goddess, temple and angel energies allowing for deep submersion, protection and magical alignment with all that you need to receive from this process.

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We have some limited slots available for people called to do this journey and include a private one to one online Alchemy Session, here is the link to Info about Alchemy one to ones:

If you are called to do the Becoming Overflow Journey with an Alchemy One to One the price will be £333 (use the turqoise 'buy now' button below to book this option.

Holy Alchemy! My Alchemy session with Katy was one of the most powerful healing sessions I have ever experienced. She guided me deep into my subconscious core wounds- into the shadow of the aspect of myself still lost in trauma and suffering. The result was a massive inner shift as my heart expanded, my womb became more sovereign, and my root felt a deeper connection to Gaia. I released so much density blocking me from truly being in my body, from truly feeling safe and at home with mother Gaia, and she helped open me up to aligning to stepping more into my power. To share space with Katy and have her witness the darker parts of my journey without judgment and with complete unconditional love, was another piece to this alchemical healing in itself. It is a bit hard to put into words what I experienced, but what I can say from my heart is that Katy is an incredibly gifted channel and healer and I am in such gratitude to have come across her beautiful light on my path. If you feel guided to work with her I would absolutely not hesitate! So much love and appreciation for her service:)'

~Sierra, 1 to 1 Alchemy Skype session 2018

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