Becoming Overflow -A Chakra Alchemy Online Healing 

  12th-24th April 2019 
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Starlight is so excited to be holding space for a 5d Chakra healing and re-manifesting journey into Divine Overflow.

We have been guided to open this very special healing to another circle of people - because the ones in January and February were so powerful:

 As someone from the February journey said 
"it's like a wonderful colonic irrigation of the soul".

Here is what Katy says
“I am so truly excited to have been opening this amazing journey up to the second circle of people. When this healing was called for the Eclipse window my guides told me very little about it - they said: “Overflow happens in the Present.” The journey unfolded and it was not like anything I have experienced before! I have witnessed many times the power of Alchemy for bringing up the roots of wounds for breakthroughs and transcendence but what was new to me was the levels of peace, bliss, and connection that people were experiencing at the end of each webinar.
One participant of the Live journey said: “ I would say that this is the best feeling I have experienced as a human.”  I agree, there were moments on this journey where I felt I reached New Vibrational Heights and a Bliss of Overflow that I have never experienced in this life before. It was this that made my heart fill with an understanding that this course should be done by more people-  understanding what overflow actually feels like is the key way we can being to manifest it. I asked my guides if it could be done by people in the future and the reply was yes, but only in groups - the circle energy is important for the Alchemy Healing! They said that a timeline portal will be opened for the group to connect to the  Eclipse Window energies that are needed for the process! They said for each person called the Alchemy and Energies would align around their Unquie intentions, the recordings are simply activators and catalysts for the energy healing to happen. 
It is with so much Honour, Joy, and Reverence that I announce  the Second Circle of this incredibly beautiful and powerful healing process.”

This Healing is a calling in of Ease, path realignment, and abundance. Using Temple Alchemy, Activations, Nature Essence Energy Medicine and channeling to totally upgrade of the way each of us manifests at our core, it feels like the perfect start to a year that is all about sacred path action. The chakras are wheels of conscious energy and this Eclipse gateway is an ascension opportunity for these wheels of consciousness to become more crystalline. This profound and beautiful channeled healing journey is overlighted by Goddess Isis, the Angels of Abundance and Goddess Gaia. 

“This course went deep- so much healing and release. This was more intense and powerful than any other meditation retreats I have attended and I felt for the first time I truly engaged with my shadow aspects. Katy, Carmen and the tribe created a safe space for the witnessing which was so essential for this healing. I had initially been attracted to do this course in January but felt it may be too much. When the opportunity came again in February, I felt I had been given a second chance. And now there is an opportunity for others to do this. I would highly recommend this course- take the chance- it is worth it. “
Puja February 2019

“What always astounds me about starlight journeys is the impact that it has on my reality. During the courses I do the work, the meditations, the healings, I feel pain, I cry a lot, I feel anxious, depressed, despairing but then THE most amazing life gifts shower down on me afterwards. So beautiful and connected to all I have been working on as well as things that I haven't consciously been working on. Things that previously felt so out of my reach turn up in front of my face in a deeper more beautiful way than I could have even imagined, leaving me speechless, breathless and grateful. Grateful for starlights existence, grateful for my own personal commitment to my life. 
The chakra course, is a short and an all consuming course but it is worth the workload in droves.” Heather-  January 2019 

We will be using the healings that were recorded live in the last Eclipse Window - because they are perfect!

Here  is the message from Goddess Isis about the healing that was captured at this time: 

“This time  holds the potential for Crystalining the Central Chakric Centre and for those that are called is a gateway opportunity to begin to live more from a place of overflow. Imagine, what your love, your life, the creative potential within you and your divine purpose could do if you manifested from overflow, rather than lack? If you lived from a place of overflow, which is nature’s way. Imagine if these great potential energies could move through the consciousness of overflow to co-create your life. In order for this Overflow way to be embodied the central chaotic system needs to be upgraded. The old consciousness of Lack, the old vibrational frequencies that make up the manifested reality that is projected from your chakras needs to be recycled into new frequencies, into new crystalline vibrations, the crystalline frequencies hold space for far greater potential and far greater forces of creation than the old carbon frequencies and it is through allowing the central Chakric body to become less carbon and more crystalline that you will be able to embody the rhythms, expansions and creational forces of overflow. This Eclipse window -that you will connect to through the portal - is a gateway opportunity for this healing to happen, personally and collectively. The Temple Alchemy will recycle the old belief system blocks frequencies and emotions of your chakric carbon reality, the Nature essence medicines will allow the chakra to reintegrate and stabilize as they are recycled into Crystalline constitutions. This is a journey of deep release and total healing of what you have known so that in the Crystalline-ing time you can explore and express what it means to come from Over-flow, what it means to become Overflow. This sacred opportunity to be held, healed and surrendered into a process of evolution that is happening to mother Gaia through your chaotic system will essentially gift you with more of your potential reality, more of your freedom and more fluidity with your divine purpose. It is a way into the abundance of nature that is yours to claim. It is a manifesting healing journey, where the healing and manifesting happen as one - this is the 5D way. It is is a sacred and beautiful awakening through the Crystalline Gateway”

The Becoming overflow journey will include:

A Dreaming into Over Flow Initiation Webinar

A Tuning in Vlog - to align the course with your personal desires, dreams, and intentions

7 Chakra Alchemy healings- that focus on releasing the blocks to living from a place of overflow held in each chakric layers consciousness

7 Nature Essence energy medicines - during the Alchemy Healings the Nature essence energy will be infused with your chakras to assist the crystalline integration

A manifesting from Overflow Activation Webinar 


A Sacred Sharing circle space - an online group to be witnessed, supported and guided through your healing process.

In addition to the course that has already been recorded, there will be a timeline portal opening Vlog, a Mid-journey Live Questions Vlog and a closing the portal vlog.

There will be one to one  channeled feedback/ guidance from Katy and Rosie 

For the duration of the process, you will be held in the Alchemical, Goddess, temple and angel energies allowing for deep submersion, protection and magical alignment with all that you need to receive from this process.


“The Becoming Overflow Journey is extremely intense, it takes you in 2 the deepest darkness of your shadow, holding you so you can transform it in 2 the highest Bliss. I feel I have come so much more alive - embodying the Truest Essence of me flowing as Crystalline waves through my System. I let go of so much heaviness & I honestly feel better & more beautiful now. My most important insight was: It’s not the others who can’t see your worth, you are the one who can get better at seeing your own worth. I keep growing more & more into my Crown with Starlight, there is no other Journey like this with such a transformative melting of earth & sky. Thank you”
Zaphira- January 2019   
"All in all I feel like I have been re-energised on a cellular and spiritual level with new stories full of hope and wonder and most of all a renewed feeling of love and connection with the world. It's as if my soul is still receiving packages of light posted precisely my human address, messages sent from my ancestors retelling my story in new light, freed from the blocks that have been holding me back and holding onto me. I've been shown a new way and now it's up to me to stay the course and keep tuning in. Thank you so much!” James- January 2019

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 Feedback From the January And February  2019 Becoming Overflow Circles:

“Thank you so much for this powerful and transformative course.  I felt huge energy shifts during the webinars and also know that it will continue to work its magic in the weeks and months to come.” 
Claire February 2019 

“I loved the course so much, I had such a strong urge that I had to do it and I am so glad I did, I am totally blown away about how much I have learnt about myself and how many blockages and different karmic blockages I had and that have now been healed thanks to Katy’s guides and their channeling and healing the whole experience of healing was on another level, so so powerful, I will be forever grateful for this course and starlight 😍
I loved that Katy shared her own experiences she has gone through and is still working on, It made me feel like she cared so much for us all and she really wanted to help us achieve and overcome our blockages with love and she was saying to us I am human too, I understand what you are going through, it is such a lovely way of letting someone else know that it is normal and that you are held in so much love 💗 
As for changing anything on the course, I personally would not want anything changed, it was the way it was meant to be for each person who signed up for it💕💕💕💕💕” June January 2019 

“I liked all the course - loved it all in fact. I'm really not sure how to pinpoint one favourite bit & I can't think of how to improve it.
It helped me become so brave about some things I'd left unaddressed.
I just absolutely loved all the chakra clearing work, the support, the realisations I had, the personal shifts, the clearing.
People who didn't even know I was on the course noticed a positive difference in my attitude, outlook & actions. I started the course in an energetic & hopeful place, but with very little direction. So I was slightly misfiring regarding my future plans. 
Overflow seems to have spring cleaned my psyche & body to the point that I am still processing how much it has helped dissolve the remains of many internal issues & pivoted me towards my goals, which are now so much more concrete. I found direction & focus & much sparkling joy!
I thought I wouldn't have the time - I did. I thought I'd need to rush parts - I didn't. Starlight courses are co creative & therefore flow with what the vibe of the tribe is on the course. In retrospect, (& after seeing a documentary on it) the course ran like a type of beautiful ancient Kundalini type chakra meditation which was beautifully, safely, expertly held by the space-holders & tribe.
As I think I announced at the time in the stunning Starlight Sacral Chakra Cacao ceremony - "it's like a wonderful colonic irrigation of the soul".
Sammy February 2019

"I admire the commitment that Starlight Soul Journeys has in regards to their courses. Firstly and fore mostly, I believe that throughout the course you will feel held in a safe space. Katy is meticulous in her protection of the tribe in sacred space.
Secondly, and in my own experience, these courses are not about an officiating 'guru' pointing out your faults and failings and full of judgement, no, these environments, whether live or online replays are non-judgemental, heart-led spaces for guidance whilst you get on with your own healing. I have found, that things I cannot clear for myself, have fallen away in this environment of supportive leadership alongside an honesty, integrity and co-creativity within the tribe.
The Becoming Overflow course was a great second step for me, after I did the Abundance Alchemy course, and perhaps because I was part of both there has been lot of shifting of my concepts of 'life in lack', they are both magnificent courses for someone who is willing to finally face themselves and start living in a more authentic way. Often the shadow-work is raw and difficult, but I assure you, the results will be dramatic. You will be free to be you in this space. I don't know where else you can go to really find yourself, whilst accepting the drama of your own personal life and bringing that with you into ceremonial space for integration and recycling.”Gina -January 2019

"I have completed a number of courses with Starlight now but nothing could have prepared me for this one! It's difficult to describe in words but I instinctively feel that the guides and energy that are working through Starlight are coming through such a positive channel and operating from the highest orders and I have always come away with profound experiences of light work along with clarity of purpose and powerful visions. I have come to know and trust Starlight in the deepest way even though all my touch points have been online and remote but this course took our relationship to a whole new level. I felt called to do this course because of the idea of manifesting overflow as well as crystalising chakra energy and the results have been unexpectedly and physically, emotionally and spiritually tangible. I feel so marvellously energised and maybe that's because of the eclipse window too but I also felt that, from a group perspective, we had such an amazing tribe of deep souls working with the energy and it was a privilege to be working with all of them. It was a real family feeling of sorts even though we were working at different times and not always "live" together. This course, in my opinion, is not for the feint hearted and you get out what you put in. The held space is truly transactional and responsive but be prepared for unexpected levels of insight and hidden truths being revealed...... I know and feel in my heart that the channeled guidance coming through Katy in her answers to me were profound and offered deep learning, transformational and healing opportunities of the highest order. I can't thank Katy, Starlight and all her guides enough really as the energy transferred has been truly transformational, to feel held like I did made me feel safe to dive as deeply as I could into the personal blocks and familial and ancestral stories that came up and now I feel like the healing gateways to change have been opened both at a soul and cellular level. I am so grateful to the sensitivity and responsiveness from Katy and the guides. What came up for me was truly surprising and I feel there was also real bravery in what was being shared from the group and we were all made to feel so safe to be open and free from judgement. But in the same breath there was a humour, understanding and togetherness that jumped out as I caught parts of what others in the group had posted. In fact the tribal bond was at times overflowing with intense love." James - January 2019



We have some limited slots available for people called to do this journey and include a private one to one online Alchemy Session, here is the link to Info about Alchemy one to ones:

If you are called to do the Becoming Overflow Journey with an Alchemy One to One the price will be £333 (use the turqoise 'buy now' button below to book this option.

Holy Alchemy! My Alchemy session with Katy was one of the most powerful healing sessions I have ever experienced. She guided me deep into my subconscious core wounds- into the shadow of the aspect of myself still lost in trauma and suffering. The result was a massive inner shift as my heart expanded, my womb became more sovereign, and my root felt a deeper connection to Gaia. I released so much density blocking me from truly being in my body, from truly feeling safe and at home with mother Gaia, and she helped open me up to aligning to stepping more into my power. To share space with Katy and have her witness the darker parts of my journey without judgment and with complete unconditional love, was another piece to this alchemical healing in itself. It is a bit hard to put into words what I experienced, but what I can say from my heart is that Katy is an incredibly gifted channel and healer and I am in such gratitude to have come across her beautiful light on my path. If you feel guided to work with her I would absolutely not hesitate! So much love and appreciation for her service:)'

~Sierra, 1 to 1 Alchemy Skype session 2018

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