Medicine of the Heart
Sacred Bobinsana  Ceremony for
 Self Love

2/12/18 (7pm-10pm) £25pp

Unity Studios 131 Lewes Road. Brighton. BN2 3LG

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Starlight is delighted to be holding space for this magical heart healing Bobinsana Tea Ceremony. 
This gentle, heart opening medicine tea is one of the most beautiful sacred journey aids, she will teach you to flow with self-love, see the beauty of your heart and gift you with the wisdom of softness, the healing of inner compassion and guide you to divine paths truths held deep inside your heart.

Bobinsana is a beautiful bright pink flower that grows by the Amazon river. She is known as the mermaid spirit Sirenita Bibinsanna and is a gentle master plant teacher of self-love and self-compassion!

This medicine tea will, in the most gentle and sparkling way open and heal your heart, deepen your connection to nature, gift you with dreamy -visions of that give you clarity on how to centre and love your self more. 

She is a very compassionate, beautiful and empowering journey aid and we are very excited to have been called to hold a ceremony with this divine tea. 

The Ceremony will be in flow but will include: 

Altar Offerings, we shall open the ceremony with altar offerings meditation to connect fully to our intentions

Ceremonial Bobinsana Medicine Tea - Drinking this heart -tonic tea in ceremony to open our hearts to teachings of self-love, the medicine has a magical way of showing you the beauty and divinity of your own heart

5 Elements Heart healing journey - Held in the Surrendered Empathy of Bobinsana, you will be taken on a channeled 5 elements healing journey to release and transform old past pain and trauma in the heart

Inner-child Compassion Embrace - In the second part of the journey, we will be taken on a colourful vision adventure to meet and heal our inner-child, coming into more wonder, freedom and wild-natural-love as our heart enters open more fully to ourselves. 

Crystal Grid Healing - The ceremony will take place in a Rose-quartz crystalline portal, to assist the energetic transformation of the healing. 

This sacred and beautiful ceremony will use channeling guidance, journeying meditation, sound healing, essence healing  and crystals to deepen your medicine journey experience. It is a ceremony it is about opening your heart more fully and fearlessly to your self, healing through inner compassion and overflowing with your divine and unique sense of love.  It will gift you with path wisdom,  core transformation and heart bliss healing!

Bobinsana is traditionally used as a contraceptive in Peru. Those seeking to become pregnant should not take Bobinsana.  Nor should it be used when breastfeeding

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