Coming into Overflow (normally £8 special 24hr offer £5)

This webinar is heart chakra alchemy healing to assist your heart in becoming more crystalline
by releasing the old carbon stories of the heart.
Stories and beliefs that hold you back from receiving the fullness of love

For the key to coming into a state of Overflow -which is the 5th-dimensional experience,

the nature experience of living life- is to give yourself permission to become full.

The carbon stories that will be released in this webinar are connected to the fear of
being full, which is the point that you must reach in order to surrender into the overflow.

The Webinar includes:

An explanation on how alchemy (the most powerful healing we know) works and can assist in becoming more crystalline

Channeling about the importance of manifesting from overflow at this time on Earth

Explaining what being more crystalline does to your manifested reality- because it allows the amplification of soul light into your life

A Temple Alchemy Heart Healing Journey overnighted by Goddess Isis

“This webinar is about touching the beginning of the experience of Overflow when it is truly experienced your consciousness changes.
So far your collective perception of your reality has not come from a place of fullness reaching this fullness you are able to see new worlds. Experiencing new levels of compassion, gratitude, bliss, and ecstasy both vibrationally and emotionally and it is the experiencing these new levels that shift the central point of consciousness that you are manifesting from”

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