'Un-Earthing your Light'
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01st October -11th October 2018
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  A Sacred Starlight Soul Journey to the Magical Island of Crete

The deities are not above you, they are of you, they are of you, they are of you…. ”
 Goddess Aphrodite 

 This journey is a portal medicine and channeled ceremonial journey to heal the Earth, the Collective Consciousness and Ourselves. In multi-dimensional prayer, working with the grids, ruins and energetic temples of Crete we will be communing with the Gods and Goddesses of Ancient Greece. Receiving their medicines, Re-storying through their legends, Remembering their wisdom and Reawakening their divine powers within us.

It is a pilgrimage across time dimensions and land temples to find the place of true empowerment within the self. My guides ay this journey is focused on self-empowerment; “ it is one of bridging up into your infinite power, purging the battles of the self and transcending the shadows stories of the past. A Bursting into your spiritual gifts as the gods and goddess of this a landscape breath through you, igniting the power of your path. 
 Finding the deities of ancient Greece, of the gods and goddesses within it how to create the new world that you are all collectively dreaming with Gaia. 
The Gods and Goddess of ancient Greece hold the key to bridging the impossible because the ancient Greeks perceive the gods and holding human flaws. The journey to Crete is a journey of Bridging - bridging up into your infinite power 
it is a journey of loving yourself, releasing the shadow stories that you share with the gods and goddess legends, it is a journey of rebirthing the masculine wounds of the picas age and awakening the solar plexus, the Atlantis wounds of separation, the wounds of the inner battle."

    ​​This is a journey of the Solar Plexus chakra, a healing pilgrimage where this sun chakra is reclaimed by the mother, as  we hold ceremony in the sacred caves of Crete, she will rebirth this chakra, healing the wounded masculine and sacred action blocks, balming the sores of inner battles and teaching us the sacred boundaries of love. She heals through us, to the collective consciousnesses, filling us the greatest lectures of life. This is a journey of reclaiming inner freedom, inner radiance, inner abundance. One of becoming a sun warrior of ascension: 
“Finding the deities of ancient Greece, of the gods and goddesses within it how to create the new world that you are all collectively dreaming with Gaia". 
The Gods and Goddess of ancient Greece hold the key to bridging the impossible because the ancient Greeks perceive the gods and holding human flaws, they have always been the bridge to self-acceptance and the divine within all things” 
    ​​​​​​On this beautiful path blessing journey, we will be exploring and embodying the God and Goddess archetypes inside and outside of ourselves. Each ceremony will be taking place outside in the nature temples for who the gods are named and amongst the ancient ruins where the Gods have been celebrated for 1000s of years. Its a journey of birthing your power, from deep inside the womb of Gaia, Transcending the shadows as we speak and sing the ancient prayers of truth, nature and soul to the ruin-stones that remember who you are and letting the sunset on the disempowerment of the past as the sunsets upon our labyrinth journeys.   
Crete is a portal Healing Journey click on the video to hear an explanation from Katy of what this means and the benefits of this type of magical Gaia healing
 As with all Starlight journeys in between ceremonies and light work, there will be plenty of integrating, laughing with your tribe, swimming, dancing and eating good local food.

This particular journey will take place at two separate locations in Crete giving us access to all of the wonderful beaches and sites without spending hours on the road- both villas are fully equipped spacious lovely properties with pools and outdoor space.

Included in the price is 10 nights accommodation in our wonderful Villas: 5 nights in the one close to Heraklion and the other 5 nights in our wonderful villa close to Rethymno. Breakfast every morning. All transport on and around the island including airport pick up and drop off's (flights need to be co-ordinated- arrival and departure times to fit with the pilgrimage schedule or alternative transport to and from where we are staying becomes the responsibility/arrangement and cost of the individual).. All ceremony, circles and workshops including Cacao and Frankincense. All entrance prices to the caves and famous sites included in our journey. 

Whats not included: Flights, lunch and dinner. Airport transfers if NOT the allocated times we can provide. Spending money.
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This Journey is strictly limited to 12 spaces- we have found that during past journeys the smaller number has meant that we can really move and flow as a tribe and the whole journey becomes even more magical and celebratory for this reason, that being said there will be room and space for individuals to integrate separately and fully and plenty of room to have 'space' if ever required.

Please note that once you book, the healing process begins! To help you intend, align and understand this process we will be having a short one to one skype with you (which is included in the price.) In the Skype, will be an opportunity to connect more deeply with the intentions, energies, and processes of the journey so that you can be empowered into your preparation and we can make support you individually in getting ready for this powerful, deeply ​transformational journey.
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What will we be healing on the Unearthing Your light Soul journey to Crete?

The main theme of this journey is empowerment. This journey is for people who want to release the doubt and uncertainty that blocks them living their path fully and fearlessly. We will be healing, on all layers of consciousness the blocks and binds that hold you back from the empowerment, freedom, and abundance of your path. It is a warrior awakening journey and purging of ancient wounds of disempowerment so that you can come into trust.

The healing will include Releasing the “trappedness”, purging the resistance to sacred action, repairing the wounds of separation, relinquishing the “battle” wounds of the past, relinquishing the “empath/narcissism” pattern and re-storying father-line trauma.

It is very much a journey of reclaiming our power, solar plexus chakra, and paths.
A journey of understanding what has blocked us from taking sacred action in our lives and letting go of those blocks so that we can live with more purpose, wholeness, and truth.
We will be reactivating the ancient Delphi Linages within us and reclaiming our self-image through the archetypal exploration of the stories of the Gods and Goddesses of Ancient Greece… stories that are so woven into our consciousness and language that we must weave through them to find our own divinity. Our own healing will unravel, as we heal the earth, land, past and collective consciousness through the portal medicine multi-dimensional ceremony in this magical life-changing light adventure.

How does the healing process on A Starlight Soul Journey work?

Through a series of channeled ceremonies, the group receives healing across the layers of their consciousness and energy bodies so that they can release blocks, time-lines, memory and emotional binds that are no longer of service to them. Every ceremony is a deeply personal and connected experience. The portal energy allows you to soul landscape and dimensional channel, giving you new viewpoints and understandings of your self, life and blocks. We work with Aura Alchemy, a channeled healing process that allows you to purge and recycle old- wound energy that is blocked within different layers of the consciousness. The ceremonies are always infused with many different energetic medicines, light activations and healing from overlighting guides of which there often many 100s of energies in the circle with us. The ceremonies are a physical and emotional purging yet very beautiful, magical and expansive experiences.

Starlight soul journeys are often described as “life changing” and “deeply transformational.” The reason they are so powerful is that the self-work on the journeys for healing the shadow self. Shadow, is nothing to fear, it is what we cannot see, the blind spots in our consciousness that we do not realise we are operating from, more often than not the blocks in our lives are rooted in the shadow consciousness and so healing here is essential if you are going to live a life that is free and fulfilled. The energy in each ceremony is literally designed by spirit for the people in that circle to be healed so the whole process, from the energy activations to the channeled words and healings songs to the specific space where the ceremony is held ( be it portal, ancient ruin, nature temple, or under the stars) is aligned for what each person needs.

“The reason the journeys are so powerful that each person’s journey is deeply personal, each person releases what they need, in order to unblock themselves and transcend their pasts (this lifetime and others)receiving what they need to rise up into their truth, grace, and power."

During the ceremonies and for the whole journey you are held by the overlighting guides and energies, divinely protected and divinely connected so that you are constantly in surrender and flow to the process. The healings and breakthroughs happen inside and outside of ceremony and so, for this reason, we keep the groups small. There are 3 people to each space holder, meaning that you are emotionally, spiritually and energetically supported whenever it is needed. Receiving one to one guidance, channeling and healing when it is needed along the way.

What do you learn?

These journeys are about healing your life but they are also amazing opportunities to develop and awaken the gifts of your path. You learn about yourself on a multi-dimensional multi-lifetime level. Through ceremonial service, you awaken your unique gifts as a light warrior, lightworker, and Earth worker. You becoming more fluent in many different energetic processes, languages and tools. On the journeys your energy body, auric field, and chakra system are strengthened and evolved, becoming healthier and brighter as you learn empowered expansion. Often sleeping memories of past lives that can serve you now become activated, so that you can reclaim the gifts of your soul path and there are often specifically sacred initiations for you to be able to use the temple tools and energies we connect with on the journeys in your own life path. The journeys happen in the 5d, so you learn about flow, synergy, sign-speak and living your ascension.
Most importantly you develop your unique gifts of connection and channeling.
Whatever your path is, whatever your dream is, learning to connect more fully to your self, to the earth, to nature and spirit will help you to manifest that dream.

What are the Medicines of the Journey?

At starlight all of our journeys are ceremonies are channeled, so most of the medicines we work with are energetic rather than ones you physically digest. We work with portal medicine, alchemy, many different types of channeled geometry, light codes, attunements, light languages, and transmissions. We work with the energy of the land, the grids, lay lines and ancient temples. We use very gentle medicines such a cocoa and frankincense to assist chakra opening and sound and channeled singing is a huge part of many of our ceremonies. Another really important medicine is sacred prayer and preparation, many powerful offerings and prayers are made for this work and each person on the journey, the tools and oils we use in the ceremony are always energised, activated and made specifically for the group, every journey has different medicines because the journeys are created around the needs of the people called to them and collective healing that is to happen. The guides that overlight the journeys will energetically be bringing in all medicines that are needed, from the plant and nature kingdom to the star and angel realms. Starlight is often in the flow of “goddess shamanism” where goddess ways and energies meet with the shamanic ways and energies for a very free-flowing, ancient earth healing.

All of our ceremonies take place on location, either in ancient sacred sites, magnetic energy temples, portal entrances etc… These sites themselves hold amazing medicines on soul secrets for each person called to the journey, the land, the sky, the sea, the stones, are our teachers, guides, and healers too. the more we walk this path the more we understand how important being outside is for healing.
One of the two greatest medicines on our journeys are laughter and tribe. Starlight is “not for the faint of heart” it is for indigos, light warriors, and rebel souls. For people who want to change their life through inner revolution, by facing themselves and their past. It's for people who want to rip the plaster of their wounds quickly and live more freely. People who want to feel alive and break some “rules” It is sometimes intense, often emotional but it is also one of the most joyful, awesome and wild ways to heal. You will be doing deep soul work in some of the most break taking places on Earth, you will laugh as much as you cry and reconnect to the magical wisdom of “wonder.” The whole time you will be held in the incredible love of TRIBE that always happens on these adventures. The group is always made up of soul family and bonds that form and hold on these journeys will bring you home.

Feedback from Starlights previous journeys...

'The magic created in every moment was truly next level, held in the most loving, open, raw, fun-filled way. The depths that we went to equally made possible by the amazing sense of tribe that was beyond anything I have experienced.
My perception has been expanded, my sense of connection deepened, my fire reignited!! The impact of the multilayered breakthroughs I experienced have been so powerful & are still blossoming in every moment since. These journeys are life changing like nothing else!!! My heart is bursting with gratitude.'

Carmen, 2018

'“The journey was a totally transformative, Katy and Kath nurture and support, giving individual attention whilst making sure the needs of the group are met. Katy'schanneling is unlike anything I've experienced, 100% authentic and always spot on. This is less of a retreat and more of a soul journey which will challenge you and always give you what you need. Sometimes that is hard, but you are supported every step of the way
in the magic of Starlight.

If you are looking to reclaim your power as a woman and tap into your divine goddess this is the trip for you. Avebury is magical and soulful, and I felt like I travelled so deep into my soul, was reborn and cleared so much that needed to be cleared.”
Mel, 2016

The moment the Ibiza Atlantis Rising Journey was posted I knew it had my name on it and this journey would be different.
From the variety of stunning and unique locations chosen for their magnetic energy by Starlight to hold ceremony, to the delicious filling breakfasts and excellent logistical coordination to - most importantly - the calibre and type of healing work we did, boy did this trip not disappoint! It involved deep transformational personal, group and collective consciousness work.
I’m not going to lie, there were some challenging moments, but this was shadow work. They allowed me the ‘opportunity’ to address deep dormant undercurrents in order to let them go, yet throughout the whole trip, I felt incredibly supported by Starlight. Now back in London I feel shifted - with mental and emotional space, a happy confidence and balance from my core. If you are called to booking a Starlight Journey, do it!! You won’t look back...

Meet The Starlight Space Holders:
Hi my beautiful tribe, My name is Katy and I am a space holder, channel and light warrior-ess and founder member of Starlight Soul Journeys.
Starlight’s journeys and ceremonies always have Tribe at the center of them, in Starlight we are in community with the Earth, with Spirit, with the Guides and with Each Other. 
Every journey and ceremony is a collaboration and co-creation on so many epic and beautiful levels. Myself and my guides lead all ceremonies,circles and courses we do but we do not encourage hierarchy-There is no Guru, no way-shower,everyone is equal and everyone shows up will the full spectrum of their truth, expression, light, and shadow. Everyone is a space holder, a healer and being healed. Within the circle of the tribe, everyone’s roles come from their essence, their innate gifts and my role is that of a Priestess of Ceremonies, which is smilier to being an energetic conductor - communicating and guiding the tempo and vision of the journeys. When I am space holding I am channeling. I use many different types of channeling, for intuition, to womb channeling, to downloading, to direct voice channeling to multidimensional and portal channeling. I am blessed to be able to channel a huge range of guides and energies, I channel Angels, Star Beings, Ascended Masters, Fairies, Temples, Deities, Ascend masters and many other types of Guides. During the bigger ceremonies, there will often be many guides and energies channeling through at one time to create a cauldron of healing energy, medicine, and wisdom.
My energy body is often a portal for through which the guides work and I feel very blessed to be able to work with them in this way. Channeling is at the center of my life and all that I do spiritually, to me channeling is like being able to access the infinite library of the Universe, this means that there is always an abundance of energies, wisdom, medicines, traditions, light-geometry and cosmic truths pouring through Starlight’s Ceremonies. The guides have a bird's eye view that spans across time and space and it is why the healing is so epic and multi-dimensional. They often carry the groups into that vision with portal and dimensional channeling so that we can to experience past, present and future dimensions, realities and worlds… it still blows my mind that “trip through- the -dimensions” can be experienced simply through energetic connection without taking any hallucinogenics.
My path began in my late teens, I was looking for ways to help myself because I was so depressed and did not want to stay on medication- I explored many different techniques and practices in connection, manifesting and becoming happy. In my early 20s, after seeing energy for the first time i became a healer. I have worked as a healer for over 10 years and in 2011 I started channeling. Starlight began in 2012 and this is when I began to space hold for groups, my intention as a space holder was and still is to empower those I hold space for, to hold them and see them without judging them, so that they can love, heal and raise themselves out the wounds of the past. From that intention, my path evolved into something that was deeply transformational. To help each of them to develop their unique connection because connection and channeling have made my life so full, happy and magical. Magic the word that fills my heart with joy, I love the magic of synchronistic alinement, the wonder that comes from working in some of the most beautiful places on earth, the magic of tribe and deep self-communion that create such profound change in peoples lives. I love my path, I love the people I hold space for and I love the guides and healing energies I channel. Starlight is a place where light work, earthwork, collective consciousness healing and self-work are woven together, this happens through working with the crystal grid, portals and aura alchemy, the dance of these 3 processes is a “firework display” of energetic healing and one that I am always to grateful to witness, channel and serve.
Ultimately my path is about love, learning and sharing how to love myself, ourselves, the earth, spirit and universe, Any tool, wisdom or energy that can create more love I will flow with. Love is how our paths unfold…
Hi Everyone-
Im kath, I’ve been working along side Katy for nearly 5 years now and for 4 of those years with Erica too, i began with a more organisational and logistical role which organically moved into a space holder role the more self work and spiritual work i did, i felt the spiritual and personal growth almost immediately and realised my role with starlight was much bigger than i initially thought.
 I now work predominately with the ‘Priesti’ energy or energy of the twin gender and this has really unlocked so many life changing things for me both energetically and in my day to day existence.
On Starlight journeys people often refer to my energy as very safe and grounding, i also understand the importance of playfulness and humour which i feel balance out the intensity of some of the self work and shadow work that can occasionally come up on these journeys.
I am so proud of Starlight, its Authenticity, rawness, honesty and truth is at the core of all the work we do without judgment or hierarchy. It makes Starlight unique and intensely effective and powerful, if this resonates with you then come and join us for a tribe journey.  
I also like to bring Music into Starlight and play the Hapi drum on a lot of our journeys and write music for our online courses. I still oversee the logistics and organisation of all journeys too :)
Hello wonderful people, my name is Erica and I m currently part of the Starlight Team as a Space holder.
Firstly I want to share what space holding means in my heart!
I come from a veeeeery long walk of life, from total disempowerment and living life as a burden to feeling full of life and loving every minute of it!

Its been a long road, where I experienced and lived many different spiritual paths, medicines and teachings. They all served their purpose helping me to become more whole with myself and one with life.
Space holding for me it means to fully show up in who I am, in my integrity and honesty, with my light and my shadows, in my strength and vulnerability. Only with openness, we can create magic together.
We don't do guru bullshit, as we believe that we are all humans and we reflect each other ultimately, and that s the best way of healing and growth.
That s the power of Starlight, we all show up fully as space holders which means we all experience and go through the deepest belly laughter to ugly truths and very raw emotions.
Its very transformationally to be in a place where every part of yourself its so welcomed, recognized and accepted!
This is my commitment as a space holder, to create an open and safe space where every part of the human experience its seen and welcomed, with love.
I have a magical background also. I'v been undertaking shamanic training (I have interesting tools in my tools box ;)), years as an energy healer and channeler.
One of my main medicines I have been blessed with is sacred singing and Icaros which I often use during the Starlight journeys and ceremonies. Through singing, I often channel healing songs given to me directly from spirit, star beings, ancestors, plants, and other beings.
Singing(like sound healing) have the ability to interact directly on the energy field and energy of space and can bring profound changes.
I deeply love what I do and what I can share, as it brought so much transformation in myself. It literally saved my life ❤ and that s where all my dedication comes from.
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