Fire 'n' Frankincense Tea Ceremony for Beltane
01st May 2018 19.30-22.30, Brighton. £33pp-booking now closed

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This year for Beltane we would like to do something special so we have decided to combine a Frankincense Tea Drinking Ceremony with a beautiful rooftop fire ceremony, under the stars we will bring togther two wonderful ancient traditions and merge them into a gorgeous 3 hour gentle uplifiting guided ceremony with your space holders  Katy and Kath :) To ensure comfort we are limiting this to 10 spots only.

Frankincense is a Grand-Unity medicine, that is deeply cleansing for your energy body and promotes health and healing in your physical body. This sacred plant has been used in ceremony for centuries because it alines the Heart chakra and the Third Eye chakra, gently opening you up to a surrendered communion with Self, Source and the Earth.
When used ceremonially the spirit of Frankincense can help us to connect multi-dimensionally and travel to the ancient landscapes our souls for guidance and healing.  Like all grandparent energies, Frankincense guides you into a state of releasing, so that old blocks and emotions can be let go of. This golden resin is a keeper of prayers from the ancient worlds and therefore hugely powerful for timeline and past life healing. Since it is a  plant teacher for connection, it is similar to Cacao, in that it very gently opens up your chakras, guiding you without forcing you into a more connected-state. Ultimately the plant empowers you to open up, surrender and travel into a more source-self state, where you will healing and uncover what you need to know about your sacred path.  

A Fire ceremony is a sacred ancient way of healing the mind, body, and soul. In ceremony with the deepest parts of ourselves, we release all that is no longer of service to us. Honouring the Dance of transformation that flickers fire-like in our own consciousness. 

In circle with our tribe, we remember the old ways of our ancestors and open our hearts to learning the way of the stars. We shift through the divine and magical experience of ceremony. Fire-circles bring you back into rhythm with Nature and gives you the chance to hear and know what you need for your soul evolution. Together we release with the setting sun so we can awaken more of who we truly are.
In circle, grandfather fire shows us how to become the fire keepers of our spirit-dreams. 

Price £33pp
​Strictly limited to 10 spots​​