Sacred Action - A  Solar Plexus Chakra Healing 60mins £5

“Sacred Action is an action that is aligned to with the divine timing of the cosmos, it is an action that is that is taken with the wholeness of self, for the greatest good of all, it is the action of Your Path” 

This webinar is a channeled lesson on how to step up into Sacred Path Action,

Through a beautiful Soul landscaping process you will connect to the Temple of Delphi, in order to explore and expand your Solar Plexus Chakra. Held in the radiance of medicine of the Sun the webinar will heal and release collective wounds of disempowerment from this chakra… as these wounds of inner-battle, inner mistrust and empath-narcissistic patterns are released, our INNER SUN CHAKRA is able to shine brighter. 
Healing in the chakra is an essential part of being able to make empowered and soulful path choices and take sacred action. My guides say the time for this healing is now. 

The time to awaken our inner warrior is now. 

The time to step up into more of you light, more of your truth, more of your freedom is now.
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